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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 28, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond march 31st? >> no, sir. >> charles krauthammer says health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius lied again about obamacare. but is that true? we'll have a follow-up report. >> my day started with the great honor of meeting his holiness pope francis. >> the vatican con fronting president obama over forcing nuns over providing birth control insurance. we will tell you what happened in rome today. >> what is the unemployment rate at right now? >> what's the matter, the cat got your tongue? >> tonight, it's an american tradition that some believe is evil.
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others say harmless. spring break. jesse watters with another tough assignment. >> i don't know why you are looking at me. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. christianity and president obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today, mr. obama met with pope francis at the vatican. and there is some good news and bad news for the president. first, the good news. he and the pope agree on social justice. >> i was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with him about the responsibilities that we all share to care for the least of these, the poor, the excluded. >> christian doctrine demands that the poor and oppressed be given relief by those who can do so. therefore the president's
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social justice philosophy is in line with that of pope francis. the knew ounce here is how to provide social justice. the president believing you take from the affluent in business and you give without any strings to those in need. others like myself believe you set up safety nets to help the poor, but you do it without harming the general population. also, you provide social justice by building a strong nation, which can then afford its citizens opportunity. fair and widespread opportunity equals social justice confiscating wealth does. no i don't know where pope francis stands on the brings of social justice. what i do know is he a compassionate man who is trying to uphold the teachings of jesus. now the bad news for mr. obama. the vatican put forth the policy of catholic nuns to provide birth control insurance including the morning after pill
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considered abortion device by the church is a violation of christian doctrine and a violation of religious rights. the pope did not say that directly to the president, but his representatives did. remember, the pope is a consensus builder. but make no mistake. the vatican believe that president obama is harming american catholics and other christians to forcing them to buy something that violates their religious beliefs. in addition, christian doctrine demands that life be respected. therefore, abortion is considered a grave sin because christians believe life begins at conception. that's very straightforward and stands opposed to president obama's policies. finally the pope is against america deporting legal aliens, something president obama has done. therein lies an interesting conundrum for conservatives. the president has been very aggressive in deporting people who have come to america illegally. which the right generally
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supports. pope francis does not like that policy, believing it disrupts families and harms the poor. so there you have the meeting in rome today. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington. dr. robert moynahan, the editor and chief of inside the vatican magazine who knows pope francis personally. first of all, i have defined the situation today accurately, doctor? >> you have defined it accurately. but you haven't defined it completely. >> fill in the blanks. >> well, each of these men today was seeking something and they both received it we still have a long story rolling it forward to see what comes out of it they say all roads he lead to rome. and president obama took the road to rome as he did before in 2009. and he tried to get a photo opportunity with a large smile with the pope who has become known as the pope of the poor, the authentic
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straight.the pope who i the pope received obama because he receives everyone. there were two parts of the meeting. and the first part was a 2 minutes. it went a little bit longer than expected. it might have been a meeting within protocol 20 or 30 minutes. so perhaps double the time. and perhaps part of the reason was that there were two interpreters there but we don't really know the details of that. the second part of the meeting was obama went to speak with two top vatican officials. one is the secretary of state of the vatican named petro who had been a diplomat throughout his life ambassador venezuela most recently. next to him was a man named dominic, the foreign minister of the vatican. they had another meeting and it was in that meeting that the vatican put forward its
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worries and concerns about the pope, about what obama is doing in compelling catholics to go along. >> birth control insurance. let me stop threw. very very concisely, what did pope francis want out of this meeting? >> pope francis wanted to communicate to obama his concern about an enormous danger and gap between people who are suffering in barios and getting to the 26th or 27th of the month and they are running out of funds and they are short. in other words, a greater iniquity, a greater gap between the wealthy and the poor. >> all right. so he wanted to express his concern for the poor. but, you know, president obama is on that page. now, what did the president want out of the meeting? >> the president wanted a shoring up of his image. now, i also should mention
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that there was no doubt a discussion of syria and i'm sure of ukraine. and so there was we will go owe political concerns and there is a desire in the end to have some kind of a compromise and not have a world war. >> sure, that's always the vatican's position. i remember reporting on the iraq war when it started and pope john paul was against that and i put forth that, listen, you had saddam hussein murdering people at a frightening level and, you know, what is the pope going to do you? are going to pray that he gets deposed so somebody is going to have to do it. i want to ask you one more question. you saw john kerry sitting on the couch in the meeting. secretary of state. is he a catholic, is he a pro-choice man. i have always told these politicians who say and this is always the line as you know i'm personally opposed to abortion because i'm catholic but in public policy i'm going to carry out othe law of the land roe v. wade and not he oppose. my thing is and you correct me if i am wrong, that as a
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catholic and as a christian, you are compelled to protect life. you can't delineate, okay, public policy from you. you have to protect. outwardly protect it. am i wrong on that? >> no, you are absolutely correct. >> all right. so it's a charade when they make this rationalization. now, i wonder if the pope or any of his guys, pulled kerry aside and said this is the deal. you're compelled because his whole career, john kerry as senator has been very ardently pro-choice. i will give you the last word. >> well, there is a certain phrase in scripture, strong delusion. and some ways it's covered elites of our entire society where we have taken positions that are without precedent and among them is this position on abortion. free and unrestricted abortion. the church was fighting in the 1980s against the soviet
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empire. and john paul ii took a turn in the 1990s and he started to fight against what he called the culture of death. and that was a culture which is continuing to be with us and there are two or three phrases they use now today to say there is a kind of prometian neo -- human. >> you bet. well, i appreciate it it, doctor. fascinating day today. thanks for coming on the program. >> next on the rundown, charles krauthammer says kathleen sebelius lied to the nation about obamacare. we will take a look at it it later, stossel has been investigating how much taxpayer money is being used to fund the first family's travels around the world it is astounding. factor is coming right back.
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know the obama administration says the individual mandate to buy health insurance will be extended. a few weeks ago, the administration was saying this. >> are you going to delay the mandate that individuals have to buy government approved healthcare or pay a tax? >> no, sir. >> are you going to delay the open enrollment beyond march 31st? >> no, sir. >> can you rule out the idea that the president doesn't delay the individual mandate? >> yes, yes, you i can. >> that will not happen? >> that will not happen. >> now, last night on "special report," charles krauthammer used the l word. >> they were lying when they said it wouldn't change, the deadline wouldn't change. everyone knew they were lying. and now nobody is surprised that they are lying and nobody really cares about it apparently. >> and joining us now from new orleans to reply democratic strategist james carville. i might tell everybody that mr. carville believes obamacare is good for the nation, will eventually work
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and has said that repeatedly on this program so no need to say it again because everybody knows that however, what i do want to say is that charles krauthammer came flat out and said they lied. that means intentionally. a lie is when you know you are uttering a falsehood not that circumstances change. and the evidence is pretty tough that maybe they were lying. and you you say? >> i say that what they said was if you had gone to enroll prior to -- march 31st, before that, he they will extend it for two weeks. if i tell my students -- absolutely due on monday and they say to me professor carville i started working on it and it's taking a little longer. okay i will give to you tuesday. did i lie maybe? i change my mind. people change their mind. >> if i'm the teacher in tulane because it costs so much to go there. i impose discipline on the students the paper is due this date and you are going to have this it this day. if you can't i'm going to take a couple of grades off your paper. >> that might make me a weak
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teacher. wouldn't make me a liar. >> and i can't with a good conscience call kathleen sebelius or mr. plouffe liars. i don't know what was in their mind. now, charles feels strongly and he did. i can't do it. but i can say that this is the 38th change in obamacare. >> sure. >> 38. all right? in a law that was passed by congress, and that is a farce. i can use the f word, farce. go. my answer is is that congress allowed for these changes because it's very difficult. if you look at the history of the medicare part d. president bush did the same thing. you are right, this thing has had a lot of -- starts. it was a disastrous opening. my point here basically on the whole the thing is starting to move in the right direction. >> had three years to get it at least under control and they couldn't. all right, look. you are right it may work. you may be right, carville, you very rarely are but in this case you might.
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a.p. poll today, 59% of americans believe the president is doing a poor job. that is the highest ever for the associated press. i understand 17 people fainted over there when that number came in because you know how left wing the a.p. is. what is driving the poll numbers down for the president? >> well, i think it's a combination of things. first of all still some leg on the rollout of affordable care act. people say gee, they blame him directly there seems to be -- in the world. number three you and i have talked about this endlessly is that thehe so-called recovery have yet to reach the middle class on down. it's just a recovery for the top 1% in this country and i think that the president is the guy in charge and to some extent they have that feeling. on the other side, i don't know how important it is. he is not going to run for office again. and. >> that's posh for the democratic party though next fall because the president is a standard bearer. i'm not going to disagree with your analysis. i think the people if you want to sum it up are
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running outs of patience with president obama. he is in his sixth year now. also, when you see a guy like putin doing what he is doing, making america look weak, that -- a lot of people are very uneasy about that. >> you know, the thing about poland though, they -- polling though down and go up. >> has been down for a year. >> been down particularly since october. i would be surprised that if the recovery gains momentum and as the news on the healthcare thing improves might come up between a tick or two. it might not be the disaster people are predicting. i don't know that i'm giving you honest answer. >> the chicago cubs might win the pennant but we don't expect that to happen. i bet you a dinner and i want palace. run up a humongous tab on you. that mary landrieu will be defeated for the senate. remind you of that bet. if you were advising mary
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landrieu, would you bring in president obama to campaign for her in louisiana? >> probably not. >> okay. all right. you are an honest man. save your money. okay? i'm not going -- >> we got our dinner commander's palace. >> stossel on how much money americans are paying for the first family's travels, and it is through the roof. later, megyn kelly on another secret service scandal and a scandalous judge in nevada protecting a terrible child molester. those reports up ahead.
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i hope they had overhead baggage. and there is more. here now to explain fox business anchor john stossel. see him thursday nights on fbn. all right. tell me about the africa trip first. >> it's not so unusual. it's $15 million. >> 15 million? just for the planes. >> air force one cost $200,000 an hour. >> why? why so much? >> i don't know. they don't release that. >> you don't know. >> i don't know. >> i mean, trump will give him his plane i bet you for half that. >> oh, but they have to be in constant communication if they want to doe clair nuclear war while they are in flight. >> about $200,000 an hour
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for air force one, you figure it's a 10 hour flight down to africa. so that's 2 million each way, right? >> plus, in africa, they took a number of trips, he went to senegal, south africa. tanzania. judicial watch comes up with $15,000 for that trip. >> astronomical for the regular folks. >> you say it's in respective, right? >> no worse than bush or clinton. are a three presidents more recently have traveled much more than their predecessor. >> honolulu, that's a far trip. i'm going out there. i'm going out there. i got the frequent flier miles going on. >> george bush went to camp david 149 times. >> camp david? >> hawaii. bush rode his bike there how much does the hawaii thing cost. >> it cost $8 million just for the flight. >> just for the flight for christmas. talk about santa claus goes around the world for a
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couple hundred grand. >> and we don't know what the secret service overkill costs are. >> what do you mean the secret service because they take another plane, right? >> the secret service did things like fly over in special military planes vehicles to protect the president. >> you figure the military is the military. that brings me to this. why don't we just have the military fly everybody around? why do we have to pay for the taxpayer? put it into the military budget. let them do it. >> taxpayers pay for the military, too. >> i know, it's already built into the budget. this is all on top of what, you know, we're paying for our services here. look, let's just do this. okay. so then aspen, colorado, the first lady this is february of 13, okay? she takes her two daughters and lovely girls. and they go skiing. all right? in aspen. all right? >> $81,000. >> $81,000. for lodging, $65,000 for a hotel. you can buy a condo, maybe
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not in aspen but go out to, you know, the bushes -- burbs and get a condo. >> sash is i and melee. the president went to west palm beach, jordan, three times. l.a., puerto rico, palm springs, ireland. >> all on fun trips? >> no, business. >> business. because i know he has done some fundraising on these trips. and that's another con. we pay for the fundraising trips because he does a little business and then he goes and raises a lot of money. >> he went to california to go on the jay leno show. >> how much did that cost? >> that cost $2 million. >> 2 million to gone 00 leno show. >> all right. when i go on the the leno show i swear to god it costs me a couple hundred bucks. >> also on your show you use satellite. he could just go in a studio. >> i understand the complexity of all of this but it's still astronomical
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money. >> john stossel, watch him on fbn tonight. watters world, spring break edition. another tough assignment for jesse as he investigates college students' vacationing. megyn kelly on another secret service scandal. and a scandalous judge in nevada. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. @w@wowowpg÷÷owúg
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week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight, american children around internet corruption. on long island where i live, there is a twitter account of children doing terrible things. situation was uncovered by fox a new york. >> these pictures posted on the long island party stories' twitter page are so crude and inappropriate, fox a has to blur most of them out. >> no clothes on. >> kids, they are too young, they are acting crazy, they are acting wild. it's disgusting. oh my god. >> the images are leaving
1:30 am
parents speechless. this high schooler from captured with her pants down urinating in a sink happy birth da tiara. naked in a backyard and this poor jefferson teenager passed out in a stairway. >> i think it's them being like dumb. getting pictures taken of them. thinking they are cool. >> from levit town to linden hurst, more than 22,000 people follow the twitter page. >> also in colorado, a mother embarrasses her daughter on facebook. joining us now from washington to sort it all out, laura ingraham. let's take the twitter thing first, just so everybody knows. now if you are a kid, you can take a picture, anything you want, and then you can send it to certain people who then put it up so the whole world can see it that's what was going on here. so, kids would do bad things, their friends would take pictures of it send it there and that's what's going on. perfectly legal. what say you?
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>> well, look, first of all, it's good that twitter, after fax five got involved suspended the account. bill, this is just part of the perilous journey we have entered with children, right? when social media and public events are concerned. like, for most public events, you are speaking or i'm speaking, people take a photo, they put it online. you know, we are used to that kind of stuff. we get a lot of people saying a lot of good and bad stuff about us on social media we develop a thick skin. but when he we are talking about kids, right? they have so many inputs coming at one time. they have worries about weight. they have worries about self-esteem. they have boyfriend troubles. girlfriend troubles. they have adolescents. we don't know how the young brain is processing these inputs all at one time. i think when it comes to this long island case, you have got a lot of unsupervised kids doing a lot of stupid things and they are not thinking that of course i'm going to get photos taken of me and they are going to be plastered all over the place. and now these photos can be accessed at some point,
1:32 am
probably, by college recruiters, by job recruiters. >> absolutely. they are there. >> that's it. >> whole life is there. and not only that i mean. >> shame. >> bullying aspect of it. >> sure. >> if a kid does anything wrong, a kid snaps a picture or her friend snaps a picture. they whip it up there on facebook or whatever. >> yeah, hateful. >> and parents, i don't think a lot of parents know what's going on. it's so horrendous. >> they're checked out. >> well, you can't stop it. if you allow your kid to have a device, an iphone or whatever, then the whole world is open to that kid. and if you take the device away, the kid hates you because then you isolate the kid from all of his or her friends. >> too bad if your kid hates you. >> in some cases but in other cases it causes an unbelievable schism and let's go to colorado. because it's exactly what happened there. the mother with a 12-year-old kid who wants to be on facebook. all right? the mother doesn't want the kid on facebook. and then you pick up the story from there.
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>> yeah. well what happens, of course, is the -- they get into a big fight about. this the mother ultimately has the daughter hold up a picture, you know, written sign that says my daughter doesn't know how fast -- essentially i'm paraphrasing on how a photo goes viral on socialed me he i can't. that photo of her daughter holding that sign went really viral. way too viral for the mother's taste. so she ends up getting caught in the vortex of social media that she was trying to warn her daughter about. okay? so she was doing the public -- of her daughter. >> so this gets out and then people track the mother down. >> the daughter, yeah. >> at the house. >> and daughter. >> at the house in colorado and start, you know, disrupting their lives. start. >> harassing her. >> right. so this is -- look. this is like wore fair, wore fair now with this high tech business. go ahead. >> but, bill, look, parents,
1:34 am
i'm a relatively new parent. i have three young children. obviously they don't have phones. but if a child is going to have a phone, then your education of the child has to be as serious as your education to your child about sex, about drugs, about dealing with the police, about school, about everything. this has to be part of the parent-to-child relationship. you can't just give a phone and say okay, trust but verify. no, it's got to be a meaningful and earned trust between parent and child. you can't worry about being friends with your kids. >> you know how peer pressure is. so you can talk all you want, but a percentage of those teenagers are going to do what you saw the long island kids do. they are going to get drunk and embarrass themselves. >> i think bill have you documented this so well. the net effect of social media with young people especially, i think the jury is out on this. i think it's negative. i think it amplifies all the
1:35 am
bad things about being a teenager and frankly, a lot of the good things, really person-to-person conversation and intimacy. real intimacy of friends. that gets intruded on by the devices that these kids cannot let go of. checking constantly. >> they are addicted. >> 100 text messages a day. 3400 a month, bill. >> it takes over their whole lives. >> they are missing life, bill. they are missing life at the same time. >> all right, laura thanks, one footnote this slot is usually mad as hell. we have postponed it megyn kelly on the secret service embarrassing itself once again. watters on spring break. right back.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. another secret service embarrassment. three agents have been sent home from europe drinking on
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the job prior to president obama's visit to holland. here now megyn kelly see her right after the factor. what happened now? this is the third one, right? recently? >> well, as it turns out the secret service agents are human. and. >> oh, come on now. >> what did these guys do? they were drinking. they were drinking. they are not supposed it to drink within 10 hours of their service call. i'm not saying it's right. my god the elizabethless headlines online about this. >> wait a minute. they are sent over there on the taxpayer dime to protect the president to do their job. they weren't just drinking. one guy drank until he passed out. >> he was passed out. i'm not saying it's good. >> is this spring break over there? >> should stop taking spring break in amsterdam and colombia: >> they booted the secret service head out because of the guys in carta handwriting -- handwriting colombia. >> guy passed a field
1:39 am
sobriety test in miami. >> drinking in miami by secret service guys. now they are over in holland. >> drinking is allowed, even as a secret service agent now as long as it's not within 10 hours of your shift. that's where they went wrong and fall down drunk drinking. >> come on. >> don't condemn. i know you like. >> i -- 3200 secret service agents. this is handful here and there. >> here is my thing. we have a new secret service chief, a woman, first woman ever, julia pearson, right? >> yeah. >> julia, look, here's the deal. if you do this, you are gone. because it's an elite agency. >> wow. >> that's right. if i'm julia. >> that's harsh. you are fired? >> you are fired. you are gone. >> they're allowed to drink. >> you know what? >> he drank to an extent he shouldn't have to. >> have a couple glasses of wine. if you behave as a veto service agent representing the united states on taxpayer dime guarding the president. if you are falling down drunk. >> he he wasn't there yet in
1:40 am
their defense. >> he wasn't there yet. why do you think they are there? they are supposed to be preparing the way. >> just for the record in amsterdam drugs are illegal and prostitution they didn't do those things. >> how do you know? >> about the baz. the vast majority these guys. i agree it besmirches the good work 34-year-old guy. he made a mistake. i don't agree he should lose his job. in this agency zero tolerance like the zero seals. >> even president obama didn't say he should be fired. horrible situation here in nevada where a man who molested a 6-year-old girl and admitted 100 times. one year by this judge, okay? so we did this story earlier this week. what has been the fallout in nevada, the reno area for this brent adams?
1:41 am
>> one newspaper has done a story about it. the reno gazette journal. that's it. nobody is covering it this guy, who admits, as you point out, that he is a child molester and molested a 6-year-old from 6 to 8 for two whole years pleaded guilty and willing to accept a 10 year to life sentence which the judge originally gave him. has now -- will now be out of jail in a year. >> less? time served? less. >> the judge, when asked, wait a minute, wait, the prosecution and the defense agreed he would go to jail for 10 years to life. the judge originally said well, i changed my mind to the prosecution. but now he says no i didn't change my mind i had said one year all along and it was just a clerical error that changed it to 10 years. >> whatever it may be, you you don't give a child molester who ruins the life of a 6-year-old the girl is now 20. you know the horror of that everybody knows the horror of that the girl's life is changed forever. >> judge kent. >> except this guy, right?
1:42 am
judge adams. brent adams. okay. now, in nevada, there is a commission that can fire the judge. they do have that safeguard in that state. >> um-huh. >> it's not going to happen. >> why? >> it's a disciplinary commission and as long as he follows the law, there is no grounds for them to go after him. sadly, this was within the acceptable parameters of sentencing. you take a risk because the prosecution and the defense when you submit a plea deal to the judge that he is he going to throw out your recommendation, which was 10 years to life and do what he wants to do as long as it's within the guidelines. the law has since been changed to make it tougher. but during the relevant time this was an acceptable sentence. and there is nothing disciplinary commission can do. >> what do you think of an american judge who does something like this and then refuses to explain why? >> i think -- i actually think it's time for a recall. but the guy has said is he retiring at the end of the year. clearly whether that's worth. >> i don't know about that 25 years of service on the bench. >> got to punish them. >> put them on there because
1:43 am
we trust their judgment. doesn't mean they are full proof. he owes the citizenry an explanation as to why a confessed child molester is now back on the streets with a slap on the wrist. >> i think the people of washtenaw county should get a petition to recall and go after him. >> just to send a message. >> be with brian kilmeade and i and me or something. out on and me out on liu post college where kilmeade actually went and i believe was expelled. we will find out. i told ms. megyn today what we're going to do. you are okay with that? don't tell him. >> he finally let me in on the secret. the viewers are not yet in on it. >> we want everybody to come out and see it huge crowd, it's going to be a blast. liu post college. bill o' box office. one week from tonight. ms. megyn, kilmeade and i. he is a very nervous. >> he should be. >> we are going to be flanking him and no holds barred. >> i know a lot about
1:44 am
kilmeade. i have got the goods on him. so, brian, bring it. >> all right. >> bring it. >> ms. megyn, we will see you right after the factor. >> okay. >> on deck, watters world, spring break edition. hide the children and we mean that back in a moment. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world here in america we have a tradition, spring break for college students and now even high school kids. it began in the early 1960's. >> lack of male companionship. don't you ever think of it? >> occasionally. i decided not to major in it. mind used for many things. >> not mine. just keep saying where is he? where is he? ♪ >> now you know why hamilton is so tan. that blonde in that scene deloras hart became a nun and still a nun today. that was then. now, things are a bit different as jesse watters found out. ♪ beach blanket bingo ♪ beach blanket bingo ♪ that's the name of the game. >> where do you go to school? >> florida state, florida state, florida state.
1:49 am
>> where do you go to school. >> university of alabama. >> roll tide. >> i go to akron university. >> what's the mascot there. >> the zips. >> like a zipper? >> how the hell did you get the zipper all the way to the top? ♪ ♪ >> give obama a grade on the economy. >> he doesn't have that much to do with it. >> a b plus. >> you are kidding? i don't know why you are looking at me. >> i actually don't know anything about the economy. >> it takes people a long time to figure things out. >> do you ever something in class where you think the going over the line. >> liberal. >> tried to convert the entire class to muslim religion. >> i think that's illegal. >> they said that islam and christianity worship the same god. >> do you think you were given a worse grade because you challenged the teacher. >> i got a b plus instead of an a. i'm really upset about it. >> you must be crazy. >> what's the unemployment rate at right now? >> what's the matter the cat
1:50 am
got your tongue. >> do you know what the enrollment rate is right now. >> 99%. >> what would you give him. >> i will do the interview. >> i love him. >> i think you should go off and sleep to have, sir. >> adam smith, he is he an economist back in the 1800s, he -- >> what was it again. >> lay. >> it's going to be a long hot summer. >> do you know what the debt is right now? >> no. inform me, please. >> it's like 17 gazillion. >> hey, look at that. >> 16 trillion. >> oh, [bleep] >> grade the president on overall presidential leadership? >> he is such a woos when it comes to the republicans pushing him around in congress. >> i killed usama bin laden. a plus. >> we will go with the b. he ain't the best but he definitely is not the worse. >> what? >> shake that ♪ ♪
1:51 am
>> what's your major? >> fashion merchandising. >> how is my collar. >> it's good. >> it's awful. >> what do you mean? >> put it down. it's not cool. >> i thought i was hip. >> no. you are not hip at all. >> girls, you are looking at a man with a tremendous problem. >> do you ever watch bill o'reilly. >> no. >> you have heard of bill o'reilly. >> you have heard of bill cosby? >> that's a genius at work. >> my dad is going to watch this and be so embarrassed. >> i'm too young to -- >> how did i get chosen for this interview? >> i got the funniest feeling somebody is staring at us. >> i love you, bill. >> i love you, bill. >> i'm watters. >> what are you doing here? >> you are in my world right now. >> yeah, i like it then. i love it. >> i love it. ♪ that's the name of the game. ♪ >> all right, watters is on assignment, so he tells us. we will see him on monday. factor tip of the day. a puppet mocking me. the tip moments away.
1:52 am
1:53 am
1:54 am
factor tip of the day, a puppet mocking me, i may have to take some action, first, new york, mr. o'reilly i'm appalled, when kristen powers said there would be no attacks on president obama's watch. and you agreed. how about the boston marathon, ever since your soft interview with the president i guess your leg must be feeling tingles, too. just the fact you thought the super bowl was soft, defines you as a zealot, it designates organizations not the individual acts that you cite. that was obvious. and jim parmwell, i was both amused and angered by kirsten powers splitting hairs, and
1:55 am
asking about leadership qualities is not the same as leadership itself. and even though the youth mob in louisville was all black, you said the attacks were not racial, you are distorting the news, blacks were victims, the victims define the situation, that is like saying mafia crimes are white power actions, wise up. austin jones, bedford, kentucky, the black youth situation is out of control in louisville and city leaders remain silent, there were hundreds of perpetrators, and no arrests, something needs to be done. and o'reilly, you covered it while complaining about other people covering it. wrong, wade, we covered the story accurately and responsibly. i complained about exploitation and over-coverage. denise and mike, hudson falls, new york, we love you and miller
1:56 am
together, o'reilly, the content is relevant and the pepartee entertaining. well, you should see us in person. and fargo, rapid city, south dakota. here we can,, and killing jesus is great historical content but why didn't you mention peter cutting off the ear of the soldier and jesus healing him? because miracles were not documented and killing jesus is a historical book. we do write reports about miracles that authorities were getting because those are documented. jim, south carolina, mr. o, whoever put that suit and tie combination on you last night really likes you. well, i usually dress myself unless i'm unconscious. and finally, the factor tip of the day, our pal, jeff dunham
1:57 am
has a new movie which debuts on the country music channel tomorrow evening. in said movie, dunham mocks me. >> it is a town of pinhead and the biggest pinheads of all are the families that harbored the terrorists. and they're the subject of my new books. >> america is a country of laws and due process, but in the wilson case, the drone strike is too good for them. >> they're the subject of my new book, killing the wilsons, killing the wilsons. >> believe me, dunham will pay, i know where he lives. watch dunham's movie tomorrow, that is it for us tonight, check out the fox mnews factor websit, which is different from, also, we would like you to spout off from anywhere, name and town if you wish to opine, word of the day,
1:58 am
do not be capricious when writing to the factor. if you're watching from somewhere in the world it is a little off the beaten path. please let us know and we'll have a little segment on that. also as i mentioned, mad as hell segment, we had to ditch it tonight because of other stuff going on, if you're angry about something, and something has you peeved, mad as hell @ fox news, next thursday night, we'll have it again, again, thank you for joining us, ms. megyn warming up.
1:59 am
2:00 am
it is friday march 28th. president obama hours away from meeting with the king of saudi arabia. >> are you in danger behind the wheel? the surprising safety report about some of the most popular vehicles on the road. >> one of the most well-known stories in the bible under fire for refusing to use the word god. we will find out what the stars of noah the movie think.


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